When Your School
Runs On JungleCat, Everybody Wins.

JungleCat is a virtual learning platform bringing virtual education in the simplest and easiest form. The virtual learning platform is taken to a whole new level with our complete virtual academy framework offering a holistic institutional experience to each user.


All the hassles of monitoring, managing and tracking can now be done easily with JungleCat. Administrators can easily access the platform to see.


It's all in one platform now. Teachers can schedule meetings, assign tasks, evaluate and exchange feedbacks, along with the easiness of being


Experiencing school in a new and dynamic way is what this platform offers for students. With the stream mode of attending and managing classes


Auditing the efficiency of the platform is important. JungleCat allows Line of sight for Management to ensure the compliance of the organization.


A Virtual edu Era, Future Of Education

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Expand and combine audiences based on performance

A virtual edu era, Future of education