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What Makes JungleCat Unique?

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Revolutionizing Compliance

Do you want to eliminate countless hours spent manually copying, pasting, and constructing data from for your Training and Assessment Strategies (TAS's) at your Registered Training Organistions (RTO's)?

JungleCat can extract, deconstruct, and reconstruct qualification and unit of competency data from at an impressive rate of 41 qualifications and units of competency per minute, or approximately one qualification and unit of competency every 1.5 seconds.

This rapid processing capability significantly improves the utilisation of training package data, making JungleCat an indispensable tool for RTO's looking to optimise their operations and enhance training outcomes.

JungleCat's web application significantly improves how RTO's create, manage, and maintain their TAS's. By autonomously transferring data from, that matches the RTO's Scope of Registration, the platform not only aligns with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) regulations but also minimises administrative work and enhances transparency. These advancements enable RTO's to demonstrate their commitment to excellence and exceed industry benchmarks.

JungleCat Features

Experience the features that make JungleCat stand out

75% pre populated

You just need to fill in the 25% remaining with our cutting edge tool. Our platform will pre-populate the TAS document with all the necessary information making your RTO aligned with ASQA regulations.


Finish the last 25% easily with
our advanced tool

Access to All Active Qualifications

Access to all active qualifications and units on that aligns with your scope of RTO registration, expanding your options and ensuring a comprehensive approach to your training and assessment strategies



Foster collaboration seamlessly with our intuitive collaboration feature, enabling teams to work together efficiently and enhance the effectiveness of your TAS strategies


Compliance Within

Ensure compliance effortlessly aligns with ASQA Standards, simplifying processes and helping RTOs meet industry standards with ease

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